Instantly share what you need to make things happen. 


An iPad for your patients. Resources for your students. A special gift for your hospitalized child. Give people, brands, and non-profits simple opportunities to support your goals.


Ask for things, quickly

Request are one sentence, like "a birthday gift for my child" or "supplies to help my students learn".  



Connect with supporters

With built-in distribution, simple sharing, and a fast-growing community of fans, Anddit quickly connects you with support.


Easily accept support

Instantly interact through comments, receive donations fast, and thank supporters with a quick update.   



Discover simple ways to support your friends & favorite charities.

Support isn't just about giving money. With powerful resources like your time, talents, extra stuff, and even connections, you have the capacity to immediately improve the lives of others. 

With your personalized feed, Anddit gives you quick, simple opportunities to use your capacity to directly support those you care about.



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Simple, powerful, fun

People are supporting each other - and it rocks.


From 10 to 100

Two nurses quickly requested 10 therapeutic pillows on Anddit to comfort their patients after surgery. They shared the request with their friends and...100 pillows got funded.


"I feel better already"

Janie's A/C broke in 90 degree heat. With little resources, they needed help. Within a day, an A/C repair man saw the request on Anddit and fixed their A/C. And right after, Janie's little girl whispered "I feel better already".

brenner story.png

3D Technology

At Brenner Children's Hospital, it was Christin's dream to bring 3D tech to her patients, especially for distraction during painful procedures. She quickly asked for it on Anddit - and it was fully funded by a local nonprofit.