Designed for the under-staffed heroes of hospital development.


Anddit solves small-donor acquistion, unmet hospital needs, and the never-ending search for content to post. Plus, Anddit empowers your nurses & child-life specialists to create and realize their own ideas to improve patient care.



Expand your community

With Anddit's built-in distribution, attract new support from people, brands, and foundations by quickly posting specific opportunities to donate or volunteer with your hospital.     



Empower your people

Gather media content and expand donors by giving nursing and child-life a simple, controlled way to fundraise for what they need. 


Improve patient care

Fulfill unmet hospital needs fast, improve internal communication, and collect data on what's needed across your entire hospital.


Anddit is free to use with zero added fees.

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A controlled way to scale your fundraising

On Anddit, you own your hospital's #hashtag. So any request that includes your #hashtag requires approval by you (or whoever you designate).

This allows you to control your fundraising without limiting its scalability. And once approved, requests are enthusiastically promoted by the requestors.

Quickly post support opportunities - approved from your staff or posted as your hospital - that are personal, tangible, and powerful.





What is Anddit?

Anddit is a community of people and organizations who post, explore, and support short requests made by each other.


How can my hospital make sure donations are allocated correctly?

We've set up two options:

1. Accept funds directly and track amounts through our easy-to-use donation dashboards.

2. Partner with The Monday Life, a 501(c)3 national non-profit organization for children's hospitals, who is accepting donations on behalf of hospitals on Anddit and then buying/shipping the requested items to you once the request is fulfilled. 

What are the fees?

Thanks to our sponsors, Anddit is free to use and we don't charge any platform fees.

The only fees are for credit card processing (2.9% + 30 cents) and for bank payout (0.5%), both of which are charged by our payment processor, Stripe.


It gives clinicians the opportunity to collaborate with others outside of the organization and their discipline, to solve everyday issues by looking beyond conventional ways of acquiring resources
— Karla Abela, Pediatric Nurse, Texas Children's Hospital

Innovative Children's Hospitals

See how the world's best children's hospitals are using Anddit.

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CHOP nurses ask for 10 therapeutic pillows on Anddit. They get 100.

CHOP nurses Megan and Carolyn noticed one of their patients used his own special therapeutic pillow after abdominal surgery to reduce his pain during coughing episodes.

Inspired to bring this comfort to more patients, the two nurses quickly requested 10 therapeutic pillows on Anddit.

Within a week, 100 pillows were funded (nursing units are incredible at rallying support). Thanks to the creativity of Megan and Carolyn, and the innovative culture of CHOP development, many abdominal surgery patients will now feel less pain.


Brenner Children's Hospital brings 3D gaming to their patients,

just by asking on Anddit.



The Story

Christin, a pediatric nurse at Brenner Children's Hospital, heard about a new 3D technology that's used for distraction during painful procedures. 

Aimed at bringing this tech to her patients, Christin quickly asked for the 3D system on Anddit. The next day, she was contacted by The Monday Life, a nonprofit that was browsing Anddit to find great ideas to fund.

Thanks to The Monday Life donors, a discount by Amazing Interactives (the 3D company), Brenner development, and Christin's decision to share her idea, little patients are now playing 3D games during their procedures.