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Requesting Something

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What is Anddit?

Anddit is a community of people and organizations who post, discover, and support quick requests made by each other.

Why is it called Anddit?

Anddit is about being there for each other: “Anddit” comes from the word "and". Having an “and” means you are not alone. So it’s not just you...it’s you and me.

How can Anddit help me?

1. Anddit makes asking for things easy. So when you set a goal and need something to make it happen, type a sentence to ask for it and quickly connect with interested supporters. Patients, nurses, students, teachers, nurses, veterans, charities - they’re all asking for specific things right now - and others are supporting them.

2. In many different ways, you have the capacity to improve the lives of others - Anddit gives you quick, simple opportunities to use that capacity to directly support those you care about.

Why was Anddit created?

Anddit started as a way to learn what children’s hospitals needed for their patients. It's built by the same folks behind The Monday Life, a non-profit that improves the environments inside children’s hospitals.

During their work with hospitals, the team learned that the most effective use of donations would be to support ideas from the inside - from patients, nurses, child-life specialists, social workers, and doctors. These people have the best solutions because they truly understand the problems.

But there was no scalable way for the team to discover exactly what these needs and ideas were. So, they created Anddit...and now, through Anddit, The Monday Life is supporting the specific requests of children’s hospitals nationwide.

Who should I follow?

We suggest the people you care about supporting - like your friends, family, and your local children’s hospital.

Followers can be individual people as well as interests - like #yourlocalschool. By following specific organizations, categories, and people - you can see the requests and activity of those you care about.

What happens when I click “&”?

It re-posts the request and shares it with your followers. It’s like saying…”this is cool, I support it”. 

What if I want to delete my account?

Since we’re in beta-testing, send us an email at and we’ll delete your account asap.

HOW CAN I accept money for a request?

First, complete your payout details in your profile edit page. And then, when you make the request, enter a “Funding Goal”.

Where does my money go when i give to a request?

If the request includes a #hashtag of an organization, like #dukechildrens for Duke Children's Hospital, then funds are given directly to that organization and are then allocated to the requestor to use.

If the request isn't tied to an organization, then funds are distributed directly to that person.  

How do I know my financial information is secure?

The security of your information is very important to us - which is why we partnered with Stripe, a PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the most stringent level of certification) payments company. On Anddit, Stripe processes payments and securely stores credit card information so your sensitive data is sent directly to Stripe and never hits our servers.

What are the fees?

Anddit is free to use and does not charge any added fees. The only fees are by our payment processor, Stripe, who charges 2.9% plus 30 cents per successful charge and also .5% when the are funds paid out into bank accounts.

So, for example, a gift of $50 translates to $48.01 being deposited into the recipient’s bank account.