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As pediatric oncology social workers, you recognize that the sheer volume of information available on the Internet can overwhelm parents and that some parents don’t feel confident evaluating the credibility of this information. At the same time, social workers carry heavier workloads than ever and may not have time to search for and evaluate resources they aren’t already familiar with.

The Hope Portal (first developed by healthcare educators at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and now updated by a partnership between the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer, APOSW, APHON, and Anddit) serves as a quick and simple way to navigate the services, assistance and information available to childhood cancer families.

You can find information yourself or direct patients and families to the site. Not only is the Hope Portal the most complete set of resources available in a curated online database, but it also enables users to customize their search by diagnosis, type of resource, and/or geography. We believe that will make the Hope Portal especially useful to you and the families you serve.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the site, how you use it, and your suggestions for its continuous improvement. We hope you find the Hope Portal to be a valuable tool, and we thank you for supporting children with cancer and their families!


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